The 356 Scoop

Porsche is a car brand that needs no introduction. Simply hearing the name slips you into a mindset of luxuriousness. The brand has many sports cars that make you drool to see, and the slobber doesn’t stop once the engine starts and the purr down the street begins. The Porsche 356 is one vehicle that lives up to the expectations of the brand and makes consumers grin from ear-to-ear.

The 356 is the first automobile ever produced by Porsche. First production of the car began in 1948 with an Austrian company. In 1950, a German company handled 356 productions, where it was made until 1965. There are many characteristics of the 356 that make it unique and so desirable, even all these many years later.

The 356has a rear engine inside. The engine is a hardtop coupe design with two doors. Erwin Komenda is responsible for this unique design of the vehicle. Only 76,000 of these cars were ever produced between both manufactures. Today, about half of those are still in the garages of car enthusiasts around the world.

As with most vehicle models, several versions of the 356 exist. Each model has its own special features and characteristics that make it unique. The Speedster is a popular model of the 356. It was and still is a car that means business, yet has so much class and appeal. Today there are kits sold that allow for conversion of the Speedster into an electric car.

The Porsche name is one that you can always count on to deliver luxury at its finest. The 356 started it all and today, the brand and the vehicle model are still in the hearts of so many people around the world.  Just one look at the 356, and you will clearly understand why it is such a beloved vehicle.

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